Yellow Mustard Seed
Yellow Mustard Seed
Yellow Mustard Seed
Yellow Mustard Seed

Yellow Mustard Seed

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Very good

As I consider myself a bit of an expert at Indian Cooking I find I use a lot of mustard seed. This seed is excellent and at the price it is very inexpensive. Amir

Black seeds are way better

OK but not as a good as black mustard seeds in my opinion. Eder


Delivered promptly and well packed. The quality of the seeds is of a very high standard and it was an economical purchase. I am well pleased. Luke

Can be versatile

Nice product, because depending on the amount could add a nice kick Georgia

Good in sauces

Love this for sauces, meat dishes, veggies, quiches. Very comforting and could become a kitchen cupboard staple Hannah

Lovely texture

I love the texture of thee seeds! Add it to pickles, salads, sauces. Recommend! Gabi

Aromatic and fresh

The package is excellent, seeds were delivered very fresh and had great taste. these could make any dish taste amazing Hayley

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