All items in our Little Istanbul store are hand picked by the owner, Vural Oktay. He travels throughout Turkey to bring only the best, handmade, authentic Turkish items from small time makers and artists.

Turkish Spices to Delight Your Senses

We feature exotic spices from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and beyond. Available both online or visit us at our Vermont location where we have spice display right in the center of our store!


Best Sellers

Wear a Piece of History
on Your Shoulders

Leatherworkers craft bags from heirloom kilim rugs, traditionally woven in anticipation of their wedding. After being passed along or damaged by overuse, some rugs are recycled into handbags or shoes. The apparel connects the owner to the woman who wove the fabric 50 to 60 years ago.


Add a Spark of Color
to Your Day!

With a unique mix of metal and gem stones our fine jewelry collection will allow you to stand out in any crowd.


Little Istanbul breathes Eastern Mediterranean life into this bucolic New England town.

Bins of spices fill the center of the store...
there is an array of beautiful and interesting objects.

What first hits you is the subtle smell of exotic spices, a few steps in and it’s a feast for your eyes.