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Great quality!

When i opened this spice I immediately thought: smells of Turkey (visited with my husband last year) High-quality grinding, dry spices, not sticky. Did not lose it's rich aroma over the time Rose

Delicious chicken without much effort!

I put the chicken and potatoes in a baking bag, sprinkled with Baharat on top, tied the bag and shook it a bit so that the seasoning was evenly distributed over the ingredients. I baked it (put in a preheated oven) for 40 minutes. In general, I was satisfied with this seasoning very much. Cindy

I just love it!

The color is beautiful, decoration and seasoning in one Claire

Very fragrant mix! Inexpensive.

Love adding this to premade meals, natural and smells divineee Patricia

Thats great Turkish spice.

In May, I visited Turkey, a country famous for its excellent food and a variety of herbs, spices and seasonings. Turkish people are very proud of their cuisine. They love to eat. In almost all dishes, they add a lot of spices.One of most famous among them is Baharat. If you are not going to visit that country but want to try some of their spices you can buy it here. Sarah

Really good!

I tried different mixtures of herbs, Italian, Mediterranean, French and many more...Baharat mix is the best amongst others. Gives any dish a pleasant aroma and taste. Monica

I really like it and it is always at my fingertips. The aroma is bright, very pleasant and tasty.

When I'm cooking mainly add to meat, especially good with chicken,yeah it harmonizes well. But it is also nice for fish and vegetables. Especially cauliflower. Rebecca

Too many flavors

too many flavors at once, not for me, but service is very good. Ben

budget friendly price and amazing quality

Not the best option for those who are afraid of very spicy foods. However, fits most savoury dishes amazingly and has a refreshing taste to it. Nikki

Great deal!

The seasoning is not too spicy, I often add it for cooking rice and vegetables. Delicious seasoning for only $1.39. Has natural ingedients only, nice deal. Molly

intersting flavor

Used this pepper as an addition to stew with meat and tomatoes. Not too hot for my personal taste, but the flavour is refreshing and new, recommend for those who like trying something new now and then Denise

Present in most of my dishes.

I love savory food and baharat is among my favourites! Have been using this website for the longest time. Super good and nice service! Alexandra

I difinitely recommend!

Amazing deep-dark red color. I decided to cook the chicken in the oven with vegetables and added this spice for the taste. We definitely liked it, I will use it again. 100% recommend Beryl

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