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Pleasant taste

I like this spice. Very pleasent taste.The only things that would make it better would be if it were organic and available in large quantities. John

Im happy that I tried it.

I have never used sumac and am very delighted with my purchase. I sprinkled sumac on eggs and loved that taste! I will use it for many recipes, I also understand that it is good for your health. Brian

Quality product!

This is the real deal. This spice seems to be of very high-quality products, and what I like the most is that they do not use gluten in their spices. Bob

My new discovery

I was glad to find this sumac and delighted with the quality. This spice is delicious! I can’t believe I never tried it before. I liked this order, and I would buy more! Boris

Thank you!

Great tasting sumac. The best I have ever tried. The quality is so great and authentic. Thank you, seller! Richard

The best sumac with a slight lemony highlight!

If you've never tried Sumac, you definitely have to buy it and try. You need to feel this taste that you never get from any other spice. This is an excellent and fragrant Middle Eastern spice. It adds a tart and fried flavor to your meals. It goes well with products that also have some oil and lemon, such as grilled meat. Andrew

Fresh and fruity sumac

I love getting excellent spices delivered, and of course, I got excellent service and quality. This sumac is flavorful and fresh. I'm very satisfied with this product. Sam

Its delicious!

This Turkish sumac has nothing extraneous added, tastes good, and comes in a sturdy resealable bag. Great product, it is recommended. Nat

I love its citrus spicy taste!

Sumac is so fresh, very aromatic and fragrant. It was packed in a jar, but I'm sure that the bag will also keep it fresh. Love its unique taste! I highly recommend it! Molly

Highly recommended!

I often use this spice for fish, chicken, sausages and fried vegetables. I love this scent. It has a lemon taste without being overwhelming. This helps us reduce salt intake and improves the taste of everything. Nancy

The fruity flavor and fresh taste.

I was so happy that I could find this item on the web. This sumac is an impressive spice, so fresh and aromatic. I used it on chicken. It has a lemon flavor. The package came lockable - very convenient. Larry

Unique taste and flavor

Thank you for offering it on your site. I could not find this locally. I love its taste, and it seems fresh and powerful. Charles

Truly fragrant and authentic spice!

I love this ground sumac spice! This is a truly fragrant and authentic Turkish spice with a slightly sweet taste and amazing smell. It's great with different kinds of dishes, and it adds the best flavor to any of them. Margot

That spice surprised me.

I was pleasantly surprised. I love its freshness and aroma. This store will be my source of sumac from now. William

This is my favorite Sumac!

It is delicious and has a vibrant lemon taste. For me, nothing can replace sumac. Amber

Fragrant middle eastern spice!

It has an interesting smell in harmony with tart, lemony taste and fruity taste. I did not use it in authentic recipes. But it's very tasty and fragrant with chicken and salads. George

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