Vural's Blend
Vural's Blend
Vural's Blend
Vural's Blend

Vural's Blend

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very good spice blend

This is a pretty good spice mixture. I think the flavor may be stronger, but if you pickle, it works well. The packaging is good, seals well. Paul

Spice is great with chicken!

This is the most delicious spice blend I have ever purchased. Great for chicken and fish soups. It came as described. I love this stuff and use it all the time. Joseph

average flavor

Not my favorite choice. The price is perfect for the quantity. You can try yourself, maybe you will love it even more. Earl

Buy it!

Spice is really good for roasted and grilled meat, but it also works well with multiple other products! It's good with rice and potatoes! I'm looking forward to buying more of it. Barbara

Wonderful spice blend at home!

This spice mix adds an authentic flavor to fried chicken. Easy to use. You can serve it in a loaf of pita bread with fresh herbs, chopped tomatoes, red onions, and sweet pepper. I love it! Gerry

Not sure about its taste

I like the quality of this product. Its composition is natural and fresh. But I didn't like the taste in stew I cooked. Charles

Premium quality blend!

This is a phenomenal deal. The seasoning is very fresh and fragrant. It is impossible to find in grocery stores nearby. It was delivered well packaged. The price is acceptable. Brenda

I love this blend, very useful.

This spice blend is so hard to find in any other place. I love its freshness and add it to all I cook. Tastes great! This blend works great for any of my dishes. Recommend it! Bella

Super fresh!

This is a very versatile spice mix. Love it in my soups, spaghetti, vegetable dishes. You can rub it on meat before roasting. Keeps fresh without a fridge. David

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