Aleppo Pepper
Aleppo Pepper
Aleppo Pepper
Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo Pepper

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I love this seasoning, add to cutlets, pilafs and soups.

I'm pretty good at spices. I add this to meatballs, soups and other salty dishes. Very pleased! Olga

Thank you, guys!

I was looking for this in stores around the town, nothing to be found... Love the selection of spices on this website. John

I like it very very much!

The grinding is good. It dissolves in both hot and cold dishes, it also works well for pickeling - the aroma is incredible! Jamie

Indispensable at any kitchen

It is very versatile and with will help you to cook a bunch of tasty dishes. Doesn't contain artificial dyes or anything of this nature... Erika

I love Turkey even in spices :D

I love to cook, so my kitchen sometimes reminds me the museum hahaah :D In addition to convenient packaging it is easy distinguish this spice from a bunch of analogues because of it's aroma. There is Turkey in it! Love it!! Amanda

Nicely packaged standard product

Nice taste, quite fragrant. The aroma is good, there are no complaints, but might be too plain for spice enthusiasts, good for everyday use. Betty

Very satisfied with your service

I am very pleased with this brand of spices, I discovered something new for myself. Doris

All dishes will be with a “twist”, or rather with a “peppercorn”!

This seasoning is universal. Convenient tall glass jar with a twisting lid. The design of the jar is very stylish, looks expensive! Wonderful addition to my little spice collection ;) Andrea

I absolutely love this pepper

Makes meat and veggies full of taste. It is also delicious to use in home-made sausages or other food. The aroma doesn't interfere with the taste of the main product. Abby

Juicy and tasty meat with your Aleppo Pepper!

This is certainly not an everyday option for me. My husband has diabetes, therefore I use it rarely, but meat ends up being always juicy and tasty. Jennifer

Natural and good for health

It's great even for a gift, the jar looks solid, spice doesn't contain sodium glutamate, fully natural and I find it to be very important! Kate

Great price and service

good seasoning, we purchased on this site at a great price! Mike

An absolutely universal spice!

In my opinion, it's great for any dishes, 10-15 minutes and an excellent, light and easy dinner is ready. However, keep in mind it might be a little too much, too spicy, so better not to overdo it! Helena

Recommend to lovers of medium spicy

Very convenient and beautiful packaging. Pepper has a light aroma. It is excellent in various dishes. I love it! Mary

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