Whole Indonesian Nutmeg
Whole Indonesian Nutmeg
Whole Indonesian Nutmeg
Whole Indonesian Nutmeg

Whole Indonesian Nutmeg

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Great for mashed potatoes

When his spice arrived it caused me to cook mashed potatoes for dinner, and the smell was very good, everyone in my family loved it Mary

Great for sweets

I love to add this to any of my pastries, sweet pies and carrot cakes. Grace


I love adding this to cake creams and custard creams, makes it taste even more creamy and sweet, great smell. Joel

The best nutmeg

I love this website because the quality is great, it was delivered fast and the quality is the best you could find in the US Nelly


I use grated nutmeg to liven up custards, crème brûlée, rice pudding, pound cakes, pancake batter, egg nog and mulled wine. Sprinkle it on top of desserts like cheesecake for both decoration and flavour or add it during cooking or baking. Bailey

I dont cook, but I love it

I don't cook, but I love adding a small pinch of grated nutmeg to hot chocolate or to an espresso. Tastes perfect. Samantha

Great in sauces and soups

I enjoy adding nutmeg to sous and sauces, it creates a great "warm" and nutty taste. Great in pumpkin soups. Virgil

Perfect quality and value

I love adding t his to warm drinks, mulled wine and sweet dishes. Very good quality product. Gregg

Smells fab!

Sweet and spicy with a note of clove! I purchased whole and grated for desserts, pastries, banana bread. Its very versatile Lisa

Good for sweet and savoury

Love this in desserts, soups, sauces. My best bechamel was made using this gem! Love love love James

Perfect texture

Easy to grate and store, very nice taste and smell, love the texture Lydia

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