Sichuan Peppercorn
Sichuan Peppercorn
Sichuan Peppercorn
Sichuan Peppercorn

Sichuan Peppercorn

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Its hard to find item!

Quality product. It's hard to find in supermarkets and even in e-stores. Will order it again! Cindy

Expensive must have

I am grateful for this spice. This is a unique Chinese peppercorn, so be careful. This gives a numbness in the mouth that is authentic in Chinese dishes, but a little getting used to it. Brian

You ve never felt such fragrance!

I love these little peppercorns. I am very glad that I bought them. They add such a pleasant aroma to everything I've tried with them. Try it if you have never used them before; they will not add heat to the dish; their goal is a fragrance! Mandy

The price is high

Unique peppercorn, I never tried before, delicate taste, fruity. But the price is high. Why? Rita

if you like really good Chinese food

I ordered this without knowing what to expect. These beautiful little husks of berries give your food a pleasantly warm, spicy, fruity, citrus taste. You should try this if you like delicious Chinese food. V.

Super nice spice!

This spice arrived before the expected date and was exactly like described. Highly recommended. David

I have never tried them before, so its hard to appreciate the taste.

It reminds me of some kind of berries. Anyway, it seems like good qualitative spices. I will definitely use these in some of my dishes. Josh

Tastes authentic

The taste is pleasant and fresh, very aromatic. If you have never had this before, there is an almost mild numbness. It says about its authentic and good quality. Stephanie

Would order again!

That is incredibly fragrant spice. Looks great, wonderful freshness. I could smell pepper even before I opened the jar. I am delighted with the taste of the pepper. I love Sichuan dishes; my fav is Mapo Tofu. These dishes are impossible without this peppercorn. I would definitely order again! Liza

Like it!

It arrived on time. Tastes amazing. Reasonable price, will be buying more! Rob

Super yummy!

Not a strong aroma. This is the real stuff! It tastes like Asian spice; this pepper has a delayed, unique heat. Very yummy! Chris

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