Sesame, Toasted
Sesame, Toasted
Sesame, Toasted
Sesame, Toasted

Sesame, Toasted

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Great sesame for many of my needs.

Fresh, high-quality sesame seeds. I fry them, grind them, and add to deserts, I cook. I add it to some drinks, ground, and whole. I eat it with a spoon for health needs. They are perfect for my culinary needs. I would buy it again. Luisa

Just usual sesame seeds

These good tasting seeds are pretty clean. But there is no need to order and wait for this if you can buy it in your grocery. Rick

One more very healthy stuff

I was very satisfied with this purchase. I love these sesame seeds. I couldn't find sesame in my local store, and I found it here. It adds a lot of flavor to the salads, drinks, and dishes I cook. The price is also excellent. John

Didnt lose its freshness!

It seems to be fresh when I first opened it. Seeds are not small. Very fresh and tasty. This stuff is well packaged, and it's very important because it could lose its freshness with time. This is one of the most reliable websites to buy! Thanks! Mary

Healthful item!

I like to take it every day in the morning. It's a very healthful item! Karen

Totally fragrant and fresh, no garbage inside.

It tastes better than what I can find locallyy. I ordered once and will order from this seller again. Terri

Fresh, good packed sesame seeds.

The taste is so good. I fried a little and stored in a glass jar for ease of use. I like its packaging because I ordered a large bag. A large bag can be stored in the freezer and you will have it lasts a long time Matt

this is good for your health

If you roast it a little bit and add some sea salt, you will have a magic addition to your vegetarian food. It really makes your vegan food tastes like meat. Also, these seeds have many health benefits. I would rather recommend you to buy it. Tracey

Good quality

This is a good product, fresh and nice-looking seeds of white sesame. But I will try to find a better deal Jason

These sesame seeds taste grate!

These white sesame seeds are delicious. They have a pleasant nutty flavor. I already ordered a lot of your items and loved all of them. Perfect value for high-quality organic products! May

Product of the best value!

I am satisfied with these white sesame seeds. I have not tried them before, but I think they are outstanding. I add them to my everyday meals and salads. They are supposed to be really useful for my health. The bag is really huge; therefore, according to my calculations, it will last a long time. Kate

I will buy it again!

I love this taste! I love to crunch it in my mouth. I love the freshness that it gives to my dishes. I will buy again. Thank you for your excellent products. Bonnie

Im disappointed

It was delivered not so fast as I needed. I'm disappointed. I think it should take no longer than one day to deliver. The product is not bad at all, but you have to offer extra delivery. Fred

Good price, high-quality Indian Sesame seeds.

I found these seeds are well-priced because they are high-quality, authentic Indian sesame seeds. Good quality for the best price. Barb

Five stars!

It looks just as it was depicted and described. If you like to eat white sesame, chia seeds or other seeds, then this product will please you. The quality is outstanding. Also, as a taste of it. Five stars out of five. Amanda

Clean and fresh seeds.

I'm impressed with these seeds very much! I use a big amount of sesame seeds and have purchased on many sites. These seeds, I bought here, seem to be the freshest I have ever purchased. The taste is great! These seeds are very clean, that's a great benefit. Zing Xiong

The best sesame seeds!

I use these seeds nearly every day for health benefits. They have a pleasant, delicious nutty flavor. They are also packaged in a sturdy, airtight bag to keep fresh. The bag is well-made for quick recognition - you can quickly find it when searching. I highly recommend it. Charlie

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