Scotch Bonnet Chili Flake
Scotch Bonnet Chili Flake
Scotch Bonnet Chili Flake
Scotch Bonnet Chili Flake

Scotch Bonnet Chili Flake

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This is my fav pepper flakes!

I was impressed with the beautiful outlook and excellent shape of these flakes. This is absolutely amazing. Pepper is also very strong and fragrant. On the whole, it seemed expensive, but its quality makes me think it was an absolutely reasonable price I paid. Highly recommend! I want the whole collection of your peppers! Its worth it! Diana

intense heat!

I love it! It's so aromatic and robust. I love its intense heat! The color of flakes is just exactly as on the picture, very bright. The fragrance is fantastic! I recommend it to everyone! Tim

This is very spicy.

It's very spicy and I love that. But anyway, it's not as good as fresh pepper. I give it 4 starts Benjamin

Just what I needed!

I want to say it's just exactly what I needed for my recipes. I required very hot and spicy fragrant pepper for what I usually cook and some sauces I make. I adore it and recommend it highly! Michelle


This is a nice spice, very robust with a strong aroma. I love its packaging and the amount I got. But it's still very pricey. Everything else is good. Jack

This is such a great taste thing, you need to try it!

This is really hot! I don't sprinkle it a lot on my food. This bottle lasts a year for me. It's really fresh and has a perfect aroma! Deborah

Tasty and hot

Some hot pepper! It also tastes slightly fruity. I love adding this to the dishes inspired by Caribbean recipes, and in any other of my recipes when I experiment, this gives it the pleasant Caribbean taste! Lindsay

Superb Scotch Bonnet Pepper Flakes

These are superb Scotch Bonnet pepper flakes of the highest quality! I love this stuff very much! It gives good heat, but you need to be careful; it could be overpowering. I use it a little. Mia

The right spice for my dishes.

These are such wonderful, rich flavored pepper flakes. This adds the perfect authentic punch to my dishes. It's not as beautiful as the other pepper mixes I bought on your website, but this is the only one Scotch Bonnet I could find, so I didn't choose there. Good product, thank you! Kim

Good product, I like it.

As for my taste, it tastes not like a Scotch Bonnet, but it's very fresh, fragrant, and very spicy, with good taste. I like it in general. Wayne

Great heat that I need!

Great for my everyday use. I love the hot taste and add these pepper flakes to my pizza and all the food I order every day. Great taste! Dorothy

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