Saffron, Spanish
Saffron, Spanish
Saffron, Spanish
Saffron, Spanish

Saffron, Spanish

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Excellent authentic Spanish saffron!

I strongly recommend everyone to try this authentic Spanish spice! It's very fresh and it smells sumptuous! Was delivered on time. Julie

Im delighted with my purchase!

This is a high-quality product that will definitely be useful to cook a perfect meal. I will recommend using this spice to all my friends. My paella is ideal with your shaffron, thanks! Steve

fantastically flavorful shaffron

I purchased this spice and received the best I could ever find. It's unbelievably fresh and beautifully packaged! I'm happy to get such a fantastically flavorful shaffron. Pamela

Premium quality!

This is the best saffron ever made. It is very tasty, has a very strong taste and very good color. Just buy it, you will not regret it. Mike

Too expensive..

Very good quality! But the price is a bit much! I think it's too expensive, even for this quality spice. I don't think I need it so much for my meals if I need to pay so much. L.K.

Luxury aroma and taste.

I often use saffron for different dishes I cook. I love it in rice, chicken, soups. I love relaxing tea with saffron. This is really a luxury spice for gourmet! I recommend it so much! Airin

Super happy with my splendid purchase!

This highest quality Spanish saffron is the best spice that you can have at your kitchen. Also, it is splendid as a great holiday gift because it is a unique seasoning and not a cheap product. Sarah

Its impossible not to love this spice!

I was the first time trying this exotic spice, and I'm in love with it! It's impossible not to love it! It brings amazing flavor to my house. And I already can't imagine my food without it. Susanna

not impressed at all

I'm not sure the saffron is needed for my food. I put some in the dish I cooked, but I couldn't say that I felt its taste in the recipe that I was cooking. Patrick

It looks to be the highest quality product.

It seems to be of the highest quality product. I have never used this product before. I bought it because it should be good for your eyes. I will try to cook with it too. Helen

I will need more of this great spice!

I'm very pleased with this saffron and its quality. I love its intense color and flavorful aroma. Smells really great and suites seafood paella! I will need more of this spice soon, and I definitely will buy it here. Roger

Everything as it was described.

It is great saffron at a good price! The value you got is excellent at the money you paid. I'm very satisfied with this purchase. Everything as it was described on the website — multifunctional spice with great healthy qualities. The service is perfect! William

Healthful Spice!

It was very fast shipped, and that's great that you don't need to wait for your purchases for a month. I love this spice first of all because it's universal for the dishes I cook. And it's beneficial either for your health and for cooking different savory and sweet dishes. Kara

I love paella with this saffron

I often use this saffron for cooking Spanish paella. I love it! This saffron is the highest quality spice, and you need to buy it and try. You will not regret it! Nat

Superior stuff for your recipes!

This is the best saffron I have ever used. I use it as the main ingredient in my family's food. Well, I could say that the quality is very high. The saffron is very fresh with a beautiful deep red color. The customer service is great. I usually don't leave feedback, but I want to write one about this stuff. Thank you; soon, I will make another buy of this superior product! Ali

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