Saffron, Iran
Saffron, Iran
Saffron, Iran
Saffron, Iran

Saffron, Iran

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This is very expensive, but the highest quality spice.

This is absolutely the best shaffron I ever purchased! This is a very fresh product. Its aroma is fabulous! It's much better than you can find at stores. I highly recommend it! Medina

Spice with medical

I use it for cooking almost all my recipes — both the savory and sweet dishes. It looks and smells outstanding! The real saffron! Also, it has some medical properties. I can recommend it with pleasure. Amir

Love this stuff

This makes my dishes more flavorful and I'm so much thankful for the service that you provide. Thanks for delivering to every home! such a great spice! Rita

High-quality real Irani saffron!

Great for cooking different dishes! Authentic quality saffron! The fragrance is very nice and strong. I will definitely order it again. Miriam

Its pricey but it worth it!

Very very good saffron. I am giving four stars for the only reason its price. But it worth its money. Aisha

The deep red color and the pleasant aroma.

I mostly use Spanish saffron, but reading some reviews about this saffron, I decided to purchase this one. I'm happy that I did it! It's excellent dark red saffron with a terrific fragrance and delicious taste, and it is fantastic. It's also beautifully packed and very fresh. The quality is top! Courtney

The best Ive ever used

I was very nicely surprised when I received this shaffron. It's a perfect product, and its fragrance is so good. I made the best saffron bread ever. Wonderful taste! Frank

Im totally satisfied!

I purchased this shaffron for the third time. And I'm so delighted with it. All the time, I got the best quality I could. The price looks very reasonable when you got such excellent quality. Aaron

Good spice but pricey

I found this lovely spice & I never used it before. It's helpful for cooking many dishes. Adds a nice aroma and taste. But the price is a bit shocking. I'm not sure I will buy it again. Taylor

The color and flavor are great.

This is a wonderful spice! I don't cook a lot, so I decided to make tea with this new spice. I added a pinch of it the water. I got lovely colored and great aromatic tea! After drinking it, I felt much better almost immediately! Is this magic? I don't think so. It tells about the high quality of this fantastic stuff! Jeff

Lots of saffron for a good price

I received a jar of this great saffron! Although the jar is small, it has a lot of saffron inside. Also, you will not use more than a pinch of this, therefore, it will be enough for a long time. It's fresh, flavorful, and very reasonably priced! Amy

Excellent saffron!

It's excellent saffron, nicely packaged, and delivered very fast. I love its smell, look, and taste. I'm impressed with what I received. God bless you! Christina

very happy with my purchase!

So fresh! I just love it! I cook a beautifully colored rice using this amazing spice! And the taste is not worse! The most significant discovery of mine Kate

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