Rose Petals, Pink, Organic
Rose Petals, Pink, Organic
Rose Petals, Pink, Organic
Rose Petals, Pink, Organic

Rose Petals, Pink, Organic

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Expensive but worth it

I love its natural rose scent and great value! I got a nice amount of this exotic spice for this price. Worth it! Timothy

The beautiful natural rose aroma and excellent quality!

I'm happy with my purchase! Thank you! This product is organic and has its unique natural rose aroma. It has a perfect quality and strong sweet fragrance. I love it in my kitchen! Jennifer

Organic and fragrance!

I'm not kidding when I say it's such a flavorous spice for any of your deserts or savory dishes! I would purchase again to cook more Middle Eastern recipes. Michele

Highly Recommend

It smells so great and looks very cute. I love the taste of the pink rose in my food and drinks. I usually add it to make my tea more fragrant. Recently also cooked shortbread cookies with pink rose petals, they tasted amazing! Susan

Good for tea

AMAZING WITH TEA and in desserts/ sweet drinks/ cocktails. Fred

Not sure how to use

It was delivered quite quickly. Good packing. It looks and smells nice. But I don't know how to use it in my dishes. I don't like its sweet taste. Will try to find decent recipes online. Mary

A very fragrant, best rose petals!

It's a great organic product! These dry rose petals have a strong smell and beautiful taste. Very fragrant, the best I have purchased. I'm very thankful for such a good quality product! Britney

The fragrance is very strong!

Prompt delivery, the strong sweet fragrance, the fantastic quality! I'm more than satisfied, will be ordering again. Kate

Five stars quality product

I love the smell. It's so delicious!! I put it in my tea, and the flavor becomes incredible.It's really the highest quality product. Rob

Nice spice but high price

Lovely smell! And it works great for many different needs, but the price is too high for me, and I will not be able to purchase it as often as I would like to. Jack

Awesome quality

The bag I received is terrific! I got much more than I expected! Thanks a lot! The aroma is awesome! I bought these rose petals for tea but will try to cook something with it too. I'm so happy that I found this spice! Nikol

Perfect dried organic rose petals

The smell is absolutely lovely. I love these rose petals because they are organic. Thank you for another excellent quality purchase. Tina

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