Pink Peppercorns
Pink Peppercorns
Pink Peppercorns
Pink Peppercorns

Pink Peppercorns

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Quickly shipped!

I'm very happy with your service — quick delivery, good price. Expected flavor and freshness. Thank you! Karen

So much flavorful pepper!

I will come back to purchase more of this wonderful pepper! Love the taste! It's so soft and pleasant. Rico

I like its fragrance and how it works in my dishes.

The fragrance is unbelievable! I was surprised by its aroma and sweet, mild taste. I like its handy jar and the amount I got for the money I paid. Bill

Herbal and floral aroma

It's very unusual for a peppercorn. It has some herbal and floral flavor to it. I have never tried it before and even didn't hear about it. But now I adore it! Amy

A great addition to my peppercorn collection!

Peppercorn is my passion. I love to spice my food. I have a vast collection of different peppers and lots of them I bought on your website. Pleased with the quality and prices. This one was also a great discovery of mine. Thank you very much! Diana

You need to try it!

This is a very delicious spice & I highly recommend everyone to try it. You won't go wrong with this fantastic high-quality product. It will be useful for all the dishes you cook! Kyle

Im in love with this pink peppercorn!

Wow, pink peppercorns are superb! It's so cute! And not so strong as other peppers. I like its mild taste. I will use this pepper to spice my meals and will definitely buy again. Jim

Didnt like the taste of this

I have never tried pink pepper before. In fact, I did not appreciate the taste of this spice. I simply didn't like its taste, unlike the red chili pepper. However, the price is very high quality. Stephen

love it!

First time I've used pink peppercorns and love it forever! I love its sweet, warm, and spicy taste. It remains me of berries. Very delicious! Liza

Its something unique!

I love everything exotic and unique and this pepper is not an exception. It has a nice flavor and is perfect for pasta. Smells like fresh herbs. Highly recommend this product. Joyce

Mild pepper

This was my first when I purchased a pink peppercorn. It is a mild-flavored type of pepper. It's very soft. I don't know how to grind it. I prefer stronger peppercorn, adding to my food. Nate

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