Organic Cumiun Seed
Organic Cumiun Seed
Organic Cumiun Seed
Organic Cumiun Seed

Organic Cumiun Seed

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Unbelievable freshness!

Great, fresh spice! It arrived very fast and well-packaged. Thank you. John

I would recommend

Organic cumin seeds are one of those spices that taste wonderful in many savory dishes. You just can't cook some recipes without it. I recommend you to buy it! Fi

Delicious spices!

You will not go wrong with the spices of this great brand! This cumin has an awesome aroma. The taste is also unforgettable. This is a perfectly selected spice that tastes wonderful in most of my meals. Mina

Not sure about this taste

I tried this spice and have mixed feelings about this. I like the quality of it. The delivery and packing are also good. But its taste... I don't know. It's very unusual for me. Recommend only if you love this spice. Walter

Exactly what I was looking for!

That is one of the most used spices in the world. People love it because of its very fresh fragrance and a great taste. It makes your dishes taste perfect. I was looking for an organic one & I found what I wanted, thank you! Bette

Happy with my buy.

It makes me feel happier using it as it's organic. Yum, Yum! Pearl


It's such a great spice! I even add to my smoothie. Cass

Great organic cumin!

This is simply a great organic spice. I love this cumin. The color is perfect! This is really good! May

Flavor as expected

These cumin seeds are better than in local stores. Nice product! Rick

Useful for any kind of dishes

This is one of the main ingredients I need anytime I cook. I love its super fresh aroma and excellent taste. I'm happy to find this useful organic product on your website. Louis

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