Mignonette Pepper
Mignonette Pepper
Mignonette Pepper
Mignonette Pepper

Mignonette Pepper

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Five stars

Wow, it's yummy & goes well with anything. I love the packaging. Excellent! Ash

Outstanding Unique Blend

This is a wonderful blend of pepper with a very original taste! It's mainly pepper with coriander in the background. Incredibly fragrant! Jill

This blend is something great!

I love the combination of spices in this. It's very flavorful, and the taste is perfect. Highly recommend trying these. Kim

Not impressed

This seasoning is very nice. I like its taste, but it seems quite ordinary to me. I'm not impressed, and the price is very high. Miles

Love this pepper blend!

Great value and versatile spice blend! I put it on everything from boiled eggs to salads. The service is also great. Will keep ordering this. JJ

This blend is hard to find!

You have to order this immediately because it's so difficult to find not only in grocery but in e-stores as well. Furthermore, the quality of this product is wonderful. Noor

A bit pricey but so good

After I tried this for the first time, it became one of my favorite seasonings. It's very fresh, delicious but a bit pricey. Norman

Useful in every home

I love it! It's a great pepper blend that would be useful in every kitchen, it's universal and could be added to any kind of food. I will purchase it again for sure. Paige

The best pepper blend for everything!

This is the best all-purpose seasoning for every meal, one of my favorite blends. It's great on grilled vegetables, roasted potato, soups, chicken, pasta, eggs, even beef. Lis

Helpful aromatic seasoning

This great seasoning will be helpful to anyone. This is an all-purpose spice blend for your beautiful dishes. I'm happy to recommend it! Valery

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