Mayan Cocoa
Mayan Cocoa
Mayan Cocoa
Mayan Cocoa

Mayan Cocoa

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AMAZING in pastries and pies and cakes

Used this in my recent invention- choco orange cake and it turned out SUPER good. Ethem

Great to drink and for baking!

This is heavenly delicious cocoa. It's easy to make. Use 1 tablespoon for a cup of hot milk. Add sugar if you need. Also good for baking Nomi

Love this taste, its so deep!

Oh my gosh, this is wonderful! I love it!!!!! It has such a deep taste cocoa. It reminds me of choc frappuccino syrup from Starbucks. Jennifer

The best cocoa powder!

It is such a delicious cocoa powder. The Mayans drank their chocolate thousands of years ago. I enjoy the version of this traditional Mayan drink. Vicky

Five stars!

I bought this cocoa for my wife who loves sweet, spicy and aromatic drinks. She was very happy with only natural ingredients in it. Good quality. Five stars for the best ingredients. Sarah

My fav cinnamon and chili cocoa mix

It has always been my favorite mix for hot choc. Out of all the hot chocolate mixes I've tried, this one is the most balanced and does not have the artificial taste, you can tell that it contains the best ingredients! Steph

Tastes great!

I used this mix for making hot choco drink every morning. Love its authentic aroma and taste. It's a great product and I will continue to order it here. Jeff

Chili cocoa power?

I didn't like this spicy drink. I'd rather drink my usual cocoa powder. The quality of the product is good but I'd better give it to my friend. Dalton

Oh, yum-yum

This is a great deal. I recommend everyone to buy it. The perfectly spiced cocoa powder mix! So yummy! Tony

The best chocolate mix ever!

I love this stuff, its flavor and uniqueness! If you are looking for the authentic, real-deal Mayan cocoa mix, then this is the best. I totally recommend! Mumtaz

Too sweet and spicy

I'm not a fan of this cocoa. Decided to try but I'm a little disappointed. The taste seemed odd to me. The price is too high Chad

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