Marash Pepper
Marash Pepper
Marash Pepper
Marash Pepper

Marash Pepper

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Its better than black pepper

Its flavor is tremendous. This is really what you need to try. You will no longer use your black or red peppers. Pleasant heat. Sweet, spicy flavor. I put it on my spice shelf and will buy it again after I finish the jar. Zoh

I like it! Very tasty but not hot

As a person who likes the heat, I don't find it hot. It's not enough for me. But the fragrance is really nice. I can recommend it for everyone who likes excellent pepper flavor. Dicky

Good addition

Good spice and good price. It's not as hot as red chili pepper, that's why I can't say I use it like pepper. It's rather good addition to my spice collection. Thanks. John

It's must have

An amazing, very functional pepper, use it in almost every savory dish. Love it. Lu

Marvelous spice!

It was harvested in Turkey, and it's absolutely authentic. I love this very much and recommend you to buy it. Bjorn

These flakes are very tasty

These are high-quality, bright-colored, freshly-made, mild pepper flakes in a very covenient and generous bag. Shelf life is more than a year. Great product! Lily

The alternative to the red pepper

The yummiest pepper ever.. This is a delicious spice that can become a great alternative to black and red pepper in your everyday use. It's much more aromatic and tasty. You will see the difference. Kara

So happy to found it!

It is hard to find this product in supermarkets. I used it for many years. It's much more fragrant than other types of peppers. I sprinkle Marash pepper on all different types of food: pizza, spaghetti, potato, veggies & meat dishes. Very delicious pepper! Martha

Great pepper, fresh and authentic!

As good as if it is delivered from a Turkish spice bazaar. It's authentic. I'm very surprised. A bit spicy but oh so fresh. I can't give less than five stars. I will definitely buy it again. Steve

Awesome seasonings!

I want to say thank you because you are truly the best spice e-shop! I love everything about your products. They are always fresh, fragrant, well-packaged and composed only of natural ingredients. Betty

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