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Desserts and cheese

I use this in baking, desserts and sometimes sprinkle on cheese in cheese platters Liah

Very strange

I didn't like this one, difficult to come up with right combinations Ayla

Perfect in cakes

I use this when I bake cakes, especially when I want to create more complicated combinations of taste, especially for red velvet, nice find Lo


Perfect in coffee as if I used Cardamom, nice taste Batu

Sweet pastries

I use this in sweets and pastries, very aromatic, my kids LOVE this Desen

Mahleb whole seeds

Whole Seed Makhleb harvested in Turkey. It's excellent for Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine. This is extra fresh and sweet spice commonly used for baking and desets. Highly recommended! Judy

This is my ideal spice

This is my lfavourite sweet spice! It's so delicious! I love its fragrant fruit aroma. I often use it for baking bread and homemade cookies. Thank you for the great product! Helena

I love it so much!

Mahlab is a very fragrant spice made out of cherry. Its taste is similar to the mix of almond and cherry. I love this unique taste. Its freshness makes me sooo happy! Mullah

This is great stuff!

Fantastic! This is the top quality Mahleb I could ever find for this price. I use it in my family recipes. It gives the right flavor for my cookies. Highly recommended. Noor

sweet spice

I can describe this unique spice as something delightful and fruity; it reminds me of marzipan. Henry

Will use this seller in future

I got a perfect quality product and a great service from this seller. Shipping was fast and convenient. I highly recommend it. I will use your service in the future. Stella

Perfect for baking

I always use it in small quantities to improve the taste of desserts and pastries. This is very delicious, believe me Tanya

So tasty and sweet

I'm glad that I found this spice on your website. I'm a big fan of Middle Eastern cuisine. I love to bake cookies with this. Im a happy customer! Lia

Thank you!

The package is good to keep Mahlab always fresh. It's a bit expensive, but I think it's a reasonable price for this high-quality stuff. I'm satisfied with this spice and will repurchase it, thank you! Collins

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