Lebanese 7 Spice
Lebanese 7 Spice
Lebanese 7 Spice
Lebanese 7 Spice

Lebanese 7 Spice

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This is nice for experimenting, I love being creative with my cooking recently, this helps me a lot, very versatile Kate

High-quality authentic seasoning

I have a collection of spices. And I was happy to receive this as an addition, perfect. This is a super-quality spice mix from the Middle East. It's very flavorful and fresh because it's mostly herbal. I love it! John

Quite good

I like this spice mix. It has an interesting and unusual taste. I will order some other spices. Darren

It tastes better than in Lebanese restaurants

I love Lebanese cuisine and restaurants. This one has a perfect taste. Lebanese 7 Spice seasoning helps me to get this authentic taste when I cook at home. Jimmy

I was looking for it for too long

Thank you very much for such a lovely product. I was looking too long to find this. I had no luck in getting this in good quality at local supermarkets. Jill

Traditional Lebanese spices

It's a traditional spice for Lebanese cuisine, but new for me. I liked it. Not bad at all in different homemade dishes. But the price... a bit too high! I suggest you to make your prices more reasonable. Thomas

Flavorous and fresh!

I enjoyed this purchase so much! It's perfectly packaged, the taste is lovely, bright, and not like the others. It's quite exotic. Great product. Thanks a lot! Hale

My favorite!

This is the best herb blend you can find. My favorite one! I adore its fresh flavor and unique taste. Wonderful and qualitative ingredients. There is no salt in this blend. I will continue to purchase again and again. Dee


This mixture of spices is organic, and that's the most important for me. I had a problem with other brands, because sometimes they put too much salt in it. I don't like it and happy to find this salt-free mix. Love it! Jo

Great stuff to use

This is incredible stuff to use! so tasty and has an authentic flavor. There are many ways to apply: for roasted meat, in sauces, to sprinkle on hummus, in soup, in scrambled eggs and more! Lane

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