Indian Coriander
Indian Coriander
Indian Coriander
Indian Coriander

Indian Coriander

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Very bold

I love its bold smell. However, I must admit it is not super delicate. Good with oil and warm bread. Millie

Lovely taste

Im vegan and this makes almost any veggie dish taste a m a z i n g. Reminds me of fruit, nuts and fresh herbs. Lola


I add this mix to my sour dough bread. Olive oil+ tomato + bread + this mix = banging Ross


I love that you delivered it super fast! Its very fresh and fragrant Jeff

Smells of nuts

This reminds me of nuts, i love adding this mix to salads. You can also taste sesame seeds and thyme in this which are both great Dylan


I love using this for pickling, very nice taste & smell and marinade tastes lovely Liam

Exotic spice!

I fell in love with this spice because of its interesting and fresh aroma. I'd rather say it has exotic smell and taste, can't imagine cooking without this helper. Joyce

Love this brand!??

Love this brand! Gail

Top quality

I don't understand why someone says it's too expensive, the price is amazing, especially because the seeds are very difficult to find. The price is more than reasonable and the quality is top! Larry


I love this fresh fragrant spice and use it for cooking black rice. Miguele

So fresh!

My local grocery was out of coriander seeds and I ordered seeds on this site. Very fresh! I'm happy with this find and will purchase more in the nearest future. Laure

earthy tones

I don't like the smell and the taste, tastes a little too earthy. I'm disappointed. I think this spice is not for me just because I personally dont like the taste, but the quality is good and some of my family members love it. Skye

Great and yummy

It's great to add to grain bread, curries, rice, salads. I love this taste! YUM! Thomas

This is a good price!

Wonderful spice! The value for the price is fantastic. Very qualitative, whole seeds. I'm so glad to find it on this website. Elle

Awesome spice!

I love to cook Indian and Thai food. It's impossible without the coriander seeds. Awesome spice! I'm amazed by the freshness. Fran

Highly recommend!

The quality is high. I sometimes even add it to the herbal tea, gives a unique light flavor. Lex

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