Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine
Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine
Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine
Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine

Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine

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I prefer this instead of coarse pink salt.

Before this, I used the coarse-grained pink salt. It was useless to me. I'm very happy with this product, which is a finely ground and very tasty. Biddy

Dont use cheap table salt anymore!

You won't regret if you change your cheap table salt to this high-quality product as I did. I love this flavor and taste. It is much better in any case. Billy

the best choice

I think it would not be a discovery that this salt is one of the most healthful products on earth. It has over 80 trace minerals, instead of white salt, which is even harmful to people. The price is very reasonable, so I have no doubts when I choose pink salt. Mike

Good product.

I choose pink salt because it's very convenient to make homemade scrubs. It has perfect texture. I'm so pleased with the product and price. Thanks a lot! Tina

Excellent value, I use every day.

I use it every day for everything. Grains are perfect. I love this and will order again. Dalal

Tastes great!

I got exactly the product that was described. I will keep it at home all the time. Taste is great! Quick shipment. What else could I wish for John


After I tasted this salt, I think I will never use any other kind. I love cooking, and this salt tastes the best in all the dishes. Bahijah

Five stars

This is the perfect product. Love it in any meal. Like to season steaks with it. Robert

Fine grain

I don't think my family noticed that I changed the salt we consume Beth

Yummy and pink

This is my favorite type of salt. It doesnt only taste amazing but has a beautiful lightly pink color. It makes my food so yummy. Thank you for the great product I found. Brook

quite a salty salt

This salt is good but nothing too special. Simply salty Mandy

Thank you for great quality!

The taste of this salt is unique and tender. It's not too salty, perfectly ground. It works great! THANK YOU! Tim

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