Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse
Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse
Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse
Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse

Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse

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Im so satisfied with this Himalayan pink salt!

This wonderful salt has a delicious taste, and I like that its finely ground. It's quite salty, but not as table salt. I found the pricing to be adequate and the quality is good. Also, love the packing; it's convenient! Adiba

The great discovery of mine!

I have never used this type of salt before. And I was delighted to discover something really great. The taste of it is lovely, and the product is of minerals. It's good for your health, but you shouldn't eat too much Laura

Love pink!

I love how it looks like. The crystals of this salt have such a lovely pink color Kiki

Himalayan Pink Salt

I think it's a perfect addition to your kitchen and everyone should swap table salt to this for this,its natural and healthy. I recommend it Caleb

It seems a great buy

The flavor is fantastic, and it very helthy for you. Good quantity for such little money. The price is perfect, and I will definitely buy more. Baysan

A wonderful purchase!

I mainly use it in salads or snacks. I love this fancy crunch Edward

pretty good, thanks

Everything is nice, the quality and the price but there is a problem with the size of it. I don't like the feeling of sand on the teeth, the size of the crystals is too big. I'll order a better grinded one next time. Lisa

A good quality, an unusual salt

It's a unique product for me. I have never seen it in stores nearby. It tastes great and looks fancy. I'm thrilled with this purchase. Thank you! Brenda


I was surprised that it has a very interesting flavor and taste, and it's salty enough. I thought it would be fresher, but it's okay. Love ❤️your service! Natalie

This is a very delicious product.

This is my second purchase of this. I'm delighted with the quality of the products I received from this site. This salt had a great size, texture, packaging. Thank you. Sharon

Must have!

Everybody knows already that white table salt has many unhealthy chemical elements. The best healthy choice is pink salt. Read the description, and you will find why. Kristi

Tasty and healthy

What is Himalayan pink salt? This is an organic and tasty product that is needed if you follow a healthy diet. This salt will give your dishes perfect taste. Better to use for finishing touches. Glen

I feel the difference!

After I tried this, I immediately felt the difference — a very good product and with lots of benefits. I need to buy more Cheryl

Cosmetic use!

I use it in my cosmetic procedures. I try to take a bath regularly, not less than two times a week. For more benefits from my bathing, I use this incredible Himalayan pink salt. It's usually great for relaxing after a long working day. Recommended to everyone! Angela

I give five stars!

A good seller and a very nice price. Was delivered quickly. Salt looks exactly like the picture. I'm satisfied. Five stars from me! Thank you! Gerald

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