Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

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I will purchase again.

I was pleased with the fast shipping and high quality of this product. This is my first purchase on this site, and I will definitely buy more. Daisy


This salt is premium quality. It's all-natural. This has the natural salt flavor and also has numerous other benefits, such as many minerals and microelements. It is hard to find this type of salt in the local groceries. So don't waste your time and purchase it on this site. The price is more than great! Zoe

My new discovery.

First, I tried Himalayan pink salt, and it was wonderful. Then I decided to try this one & I was hooked. It has a thin smokey flavor. This is a great discovery for me. Bridget

We love this salt!

This is a truly amazing product. The flavor is pretty subtle and tastes a bit smoky. You can see exactly how much salt you need because of its color. It's great stuff to have in your kitchen. My family loves it! Barbara

A real find

I really enjoy healthier way of cooking, therefore I choose black lava salt, which is full of minerals. After I started to use it, I became more active. Ruth

Perfect for everyday use.

It has an excellent taste! I always use this while I cook. It's much more healthy than any other standard sea salt. I highly recommend this black lava salt. I stopped cooking with white table salt or standard sea salt. Dick

You wont be disappointed.

It looks a little bit like pepper in your meals. But you never confuse it with pepper. We love this. The quality is very good. I always recommend black lava salt to my friends and family. Cate

Its actually great for you!

I have lots of different types of salt from various parts of the world, and after I tried this black salt, I can only say: wow! Delicious and natural! Margaret

I use it as scrub

It's a universal thing. You can also use this as a scrub for deep cleansing. It will help you to clarify the skin — great stuff to keep at home. Harper

stunning black color and silky texture

Use this on everything. The perfect size of grains, not a flaky, I like its texture. The item arrived very quickly, and it was well packaged. Thank you! Recommend! Deborah

Hard to find in stores

This is my favorite salt! I usually order it on this website and have never been disappointed. Grant


Unusual look but ordinary taste. Great flavor and quality. I will buy it again. Miriam

Good price

The price is really nice and I want to purchase more. Chad

The original Hawaiian black lava salt

I'm happy to get such an excellent service like yours. It is easy to buy, arrived quickly, great packaging, best quality product. What more could I ask for?! Thanks, guys. Bill

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