Hawaiian Alaea Red Salt
Hawaiian Alaea Red Salt
Hawaiian Alaea Red Salt
Hawaiian Alaea Red Salt

Hawaiian Alaea Red Salt

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Nothing special

It tastes like a regular salt, but it isn't bad. Mostly used in salads, because I believe when its heated, it loses its healthy properties. Abby

Very unique!

It makes the meat very juicy and flavorful. I can't wait to experiment more. Сhris

earthy taste

I wanted to try first, that's why I ordered a smaller jar. I love this salt, it has its own unique taste and looks very interesting. Hugh

Nice savory taste.

I thought the grains might be smaller, I was afraid that I could crush my teeth; that's why I grind it. It's delicious on popcorn and chips. Chad

Love this salt!

It's unique, very aromatic and tasty. I will be definitely ordering again. Miranda

Big crunchy flakes!

The flakes are not small! It crunches in mouth, ha-ha-ha. Very delicious in any dish. Donald

Wow, I really love this salt!

I love different kinds of salt. This is a great authentic addition to my collection. Hawaiian red salt is my favorite. Fiona


Good product. Very tasty and I can't even describe how helpful it is for your health and body. The amount of useful minerals is more than 80. Jack

my favorite salt!

My favorite salt. Not too salty and perfect on warm bread with butter. Heather


Quite a good product. I guess quality is the best of everything I tried so far. I would order again. Recommend! Jamie

Nice flavor.

Good stuff. Nice flavor. Perfect on steaks. Love it! Lawrence

so far so good

Price/quality is perfect. I would purchase more. Philip


I choose exactly this kind of salt when I cook snacks and I need something salty. It's very special and yummy, great taste. Can't write anything bad about it. Jean

For all needs!

Perfect for all my culinary needs. Flakes have great size and it's wonderful for baking! Belinda

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