Grains of Paradise
Grains of Paradise
Grains of Paradise
Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise

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This is a great spice!

Once you try this, you will not want to use black pepper anymore. It's much more useful and tastier, this spice is complex, with both pepper and floral aroma. I recommend this spice for your everyday meals. Benjamin

Quality Product!

When you purchase grains of paradise, you get something special beyond regular pepper. I ordered it on this site and got the best quality, fresh and fragrant spice. I can totally recommend it. Elliot

A worthy addition to your collection of spices!

I love cooking very much, and I use a lot of spices. It was interesting to try something new and unusual. I have heard about grains of paradise but never tried and now decided to order. I wanna say this is my best purchase. I highly recommend this spice. Jane

Great product!

I'm a big fan of Alton Brown, and I love African cooking. That's why I can't imagine my cooking without grains of paradise spice. Great product! It's beneficial for many of my recipes. It has a unique smell and taste and makes all dishes perfect. Michael

The price is more than acceptable

This is a lovely tasting spice. I'd never tried it before, but I know it's organic. I think the price is more than reasonable for such a great quality product. Amanda

A very pleasant taste spice.

This is a perfectly tasting spice. I had never tried it before, but after I watched Alton Brown using this spice, I decided to order to give it a go. I was more than satisfied and delighted with the aroma and taste of food when using this spice. Thank you very much! Joshua

Replaces black pepper

A pretty good fragrant spice that I use instead of black pepper. I like the taste and flavor, it's great in any dish. Janet

Very peppery, interesting aroma!

A distinctive sort of peppery flavor that works great for any meals, especially with grilled meat and fish. Henry

Really good stuff

It's not easy to find in nearby stores. That's why I ordered it online, and it did not fail, thanks! Grains of Paradise has a delightful and exotic flavor that I enjoyed very much. Sue

an alternative to a black pepper

I have a sensitivity (might me a minor allergy) to regular black pepper. Since I discovered this spice, my diet became brighter and much more delicious. It works perfectly for me. Thank you. Sharon

Just great!

Perfect, qualitative product, very similar to black pepper but much more fresh and flavorful. I couldn't find it in stores, therefore will purchase more from this website. Debbie

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