Garam Masala
Garam Masala
Garam Masala
Garam Masala

Garam Masala

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Aromatic.Great for meat.

We use it for meat and chicken, this aromatic blend of spices would be wonderful for curries. The smell of India in your kitchen. Rose

Good for tea!

I don't cook, but I used this spice for tea with lemon or milk. Arthur

Salt and chemistry free!

I use this seasoning for chicken, rice and some other recipes. As for me, it's unusual seasoning. Indian style. I did not find any other use for this seasoning. Emily

I love this!

I love this Indian spice very much. This brand Masala turned out to be very delicate. Fantastic aroma, perfectly combined with many dishes, gives a unique piquancy. It's great that it has a natural origin. Lorraine

A very fragrant mix of spices!

For spicy food lovers! I add to all the dishes I cook! I love this brand, the jar is convenient! Matthew

Very nice Indian aroma!

After you add this seasoning to your meals you feel a part of India in your home. So fragrant and a very special taste! I will order again. Nancy

Incredibly rich smell!

After I received my order and opened the jar I felt incredibly rich aroma in the kitchen for more than half an hour. Spicy and fresh. I love it! Thank you! Christie

Ideal seasoning for your food!

It suits me because I'm a fan of spicy and Indian spices. The composition is strongly dominated by cardamom and that's what I want. That was the best purchase I made on your site. Scott

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