Fleur de Sel Sea Salt
Fleur de Sel Sea Salt
Fleur de Sel Sea Salt
Fleur de Sel Sea Salt

Fleur de Sel Sea Salt

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love this brand

I use this salt every day, and the results are remarkable! My regular order. Best quality, love this brand. Marc

Tasty salt

The taste of salt is delicious, easy to use because the grains are fine. I'm very much satisfied! Peggy

Use it for every dish!

I have read that regular salt has toxic aluminum in it. Since then, I never buy it. I prefer sea salt; it has better mineral contents. I ordered this French salt and really loved it. It's tasty. I have used this salt for everything for many years. Christina

Reasonable price

The price is much higher than regular salt but this is a good product for sure. I'd rather say the price is reasonable. Rodney

Plenty of minerals

Very healthy product if you don't take it too much every day. It is delicious in any vegetables or meat dishes, soups, or in salads. Tammy

Recommended! The salt is natural!

This salt is amazing, the taste is wonderful. Great quality natural sea salt guaranteed. Hayley

Universal thing!

It has completely different taste than an ordinary salt! It's a universal seasoning. Love that it has all the minerals human need and that it makes everything taste so delicious. Ben

Excellent quality

This is my favorite sea salt. I tried many but prefer this brand. I ordered it many times and will not stop do this :) Wendy

Highly recommend

It has a strong salty taste, very healthy, makes my food very tasty. It became a favorite! Derek

It can be used for any kind of cooking

The most delicious salt! Awesome mineral salt, nice grind. Best price I've found. Andrew

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