Dried Mint
Dried Mint
Dried Mint
Dried Mint

Dried Mint

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Great taste and smell

This is awesome, it smells very good. I use it to make tea, tastes heavenly, and it is better than any kind of mint tea I've ever bought. Love it. Nothing like the tea bags from the grocery store. Robert

Good taste and quality!

Great flavor! The smell is not strong, but pleasant! Excellent quality! Taylor

Definitely recommend!

Bright aroma mint, I love. This is my favorite weed, strong aroma, taste great. Rachel


Very fresh herb, high-quality, with pleasant aroma, price is not high. I can use it in many recipes. Walter

Great quality peppermint

The aroma is amazing! The price was the best I found. I like the mint very much. This package is enough for a long time. Stephanie

Premium quality

I bought a bag of peppermint. This is the first time I used LittleIstanbulGifts, but it won't be the last. The price was great for the peppermint. The quality is perfect! Thank you! Norman

I enjoy the taste!

My house smells amazing when I am making this tea. Thank you for good products. Michelle


Not bad mint tea, a very fresh and strong fragrance with a strong minty taste. Enough for a long time. I can recommend it. Claire

tastes great, wow

ready to place another order:) I absolutely love it and add it to meat, soups, tea. thank you for good quality and nice prices. Lily

Good peppermint

It’s recommended for those who like mint; this product is perfectly selected, a lot of taste as usual. Loved the refreshing smell. Superb price for the amount you get. Ann

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