Citrus Seasoning
Citrus Seasoning
Citrus Seasoning
Citrus Seasoning

Citrus Seasoning

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Simply perfect!

Its aroma is refreshing, rich and strong and it gives the food a distinctive and amazing taste. If you put it in various dishes such as salads, baked vegetables you will not regret it. Charlotte

Natural seasoning!

Gives an excellent taste to chicken, I highly recommend it. I will buy more. Now it is one of the favorites. Nicole

Very tasty seasoning

The quality is simply ideal, very fragrant. But the lemony taste is very weak in it. I wanted more lemon and please, add some pepper. Carol

a pleasant mix of spices

I will order it again for sure. Just love its citrusy taste. Eric

Not bad

It's organic and has natural ingredients — not a bad addition to my everyday cooking. The aroma is delicate. Tastes delicios, but I not very convenient to use. Marcus

True citrus flavor and taste!

Cool spice! I add it to almost every dish I cook, love its taste! Great price and big volume. It is very convenient to use. As I said, I use it for almost every kind of food I cook. Oliver

Great seasoning for lots of dishes!

It is very unusual! There is a lemony taste to it. I really love it! I use it for fish, there are no artificial flavorings, no salt added. I recommend buying! I will order more soon. Donna

Love this because of ingredients!

It is excellent and tasty on baked potatoes, vegetables, salads, and avocados. I will certainly buy this again! Thank you. Hayley

Good quality

I really don't know what to say...It's a good quality product and a nice price, but it's better for salads and Asian/Mexican food, I guess. There's not much use for me. Terence

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