Chipotle Morita Flakes
Chipotle Morita Flakes
Chipotle Morita Flakes
Chipotle Morita Flakes

Chipotle Morita Flakes

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Very tasty smell, excellent spice!

It smells and tastes great.Must have for those who like smoked and spicy food. John

Must Have product in my kitchen!

Great spice, gives the dish a pleasant pungency and aroma. I love it very much! Scott

Very fragrant!

Rich flavor. The price is sad - it seemed expensive for pepper. As for me, it is not very spicy. Emma

Smokey and fragrant

The bright aroma of smoked pepper! this is my favorite spice at the moment! I add it to everything. Many thanks! Sandy

Beautiful and amazing smells

It is definitely the best ground chipotle I've tried! Thank you for the best quality product in my kitchen. I absolutely love the product, and I recommend it! Thomas

Great seasoning!

It gives a smoky taste. It's fantastic! Very spicy, for those who understand what jalapeno is. Make sure you have the right amount, it could be too spicy! Ruby

Good dried fragrant Chipotle peppers

Excellent! Unusual flavor! Spicy! It has a slight smell of something smoked and dishes retain this flavor, it turns out very tasty, especially with meat. Sally

Smoky seasoning!

I'm the big fan of this smoky seasoning after I tried to cook with it and ordered it here a month ago. It's something amazing. Love it so much! Thanks! Russell

It smells really good!

Fist of all want to say about it has a rich flavor, very unusual. The taste is good and spicy, with great value for its price. Vicki

I'm impressed with this spice

Tasty, fresh, and flavourful.The best ground chipotle I've tried. I've been shaking this on everything, haha haha. Tanya

Organic spicy product, good quality

For someone who like strong flavor and spicy food. Mary

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