Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

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Thats super good!

Cinnamon is not the usual spice in my kitchen but these are really good. Nothing bad to say. Donna

The price is really unbeatable

Incredible fragrant, perfect quality, honest price. Rory


Smells very good. Service is great, order arrived fast. Jacob

The real ceylon cinnamon

I was really surprised. Real ceylon cinnamon sticks NOT CASSIA!! The sticks are big, or rather plump :-)) Great! Samantha

Great goods

Thank you for the excellent quality and service. I found that cinnamon is not only nice spice, but also helps with weight loss. Melanie

Like your spices very much!

I always buy cinnamon sticks here as an additive for coffee, the drink becomes very fragrant with spicy, sweet tones and very nice tastes. Sophie

Try true one cinnamon !!!

I see the difference. Cinnamon mainly comes to us from China or Ceylon. So, Ceylon is considered to be better and more fragrant. Try Ceylon sticks and you will see it's truly much better! Henry

I do like it

Great cinnamon on a budget price! This one should be in the every kitchen! Erika

High quality

Hello! I think it’s not easy to buy really high-quality cinnamon in sticks, but here you get exactly that. Ceylon cinnamon is the best! Emma

Im loving it!

The aroma is fabulous. Delicious homemade mulled wine is easy to make with these sticks. Recommend for sure! Ruth

Awesome flavor

I used to think that cinnamon is all the same, but when I got Ceylon Cinnamon sticks I completely changed my mind. There really is the difference. Derek

This is the best cinnamon

I tried different ones, didn't like them too much. This one is great. I recommened it 100%. Rachel

Fragrant Cinnamon and Indispensable in baking!

I bought this cinnamon on promotions and Im very satisfied. Cinnamon has nice taste and fragrance, good for dessert decorations. High glass jar with a screw cap, very convenient. Victoria


Helps your immune system! Verified my myself :) Holly


Can smell it even through the packaging! Great for baking and drinks. Tara

The best cinnamon with delivery!

I love cinnamon and bought many types and brands of cinnamon previously and this one is very good, one of the best! Good price. Corey

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