Introducing Hawaiian Black Salt Benefits

Introducing Hawaiian Black Salt Benefits

Hawaiian black salt is an ingredient that has been commonly used in cuisine around the world for centuries due to its distinctive taste and various medicinal properties. The available Hawaiian black salt benefits are largely due to the fact that it’s packed with essential minerals and while there’s not much in the way of scientific research to back it up, there’s still a mountain of anecdotal evidence.

We’re going to be taking a deeper dive into this blog, as we explore the subject more closely. By reading to the end, you’ll get to understand how it differs from regular table salt and how it can help the human body from a health perspective.

Let’s start by explaining where it comes from...

As the name would suggest, Hawaiian black salt is something that’s found in Pacific waters and it’s been harvested there for thousands of years. Believed sacred, it has featured in spiritual rituals throughout the ages, with the traditional method of manufacturing being to evaporate seawater and mix the resultant residue with natural clay.

What makes Hawaiian black salt benefits so numerous are the waters that it’s found in. Pacific ocean waters are about as pure as anywhere on earth and the salt found there only contains 84% sodium chloride, compared with 99% levels found in standard table salt.

This makes it a much healthier alternative for people with high blood pressure and that’s before we talk about how the other 16% is composed of naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes.

So, Is There Really Lava In It?

Hawaiian black salt is also referred to by some as black lava salt, which might lead you to believe that it contains elements found in the solidified magma found around volcanoes. As much as we’d like to say it does contain lava, the truth is that it doesn’t.

There are black sandy beaches found around the island of Hawaii, but it has nothing to do with the distinctive coloring of Hawaiian black salt. The reason behind the color is the activated coconut shell charcoal that it’s blended with, something that increases the support it provides.

When added to the salt’s existing therapeutic effects, this charcoal has a detoxifying action that also helps to improve circulation while impurities are drawn out.

So, To Those Hawaiian Black Salt Benefits!

Now we look at the main topic of the piece - how this unique salt supports health. There are some you may have heard about, but very likely some you haven’t.

Hawaiian black salt can help with...

  • Bloating & Constipation - black salt has been reported by many to minimize acid reflux, bloating, and other digestive issues.
  • Aiding Weight Loss - as it’s able to dissolve the lipids and enzymes that are used to create fat cells. Also, when you have a high sodium diet, it causes increased appetite. As we mentioned earlier, black salt contains 15% less sodium, meaning that appetite is not artificially triggered.
  • Minimizing Water Retention - another of the available Hawaiian black salt benefits on offer is the reduction of water retention. One of the things associated with consuming white salt is the accumulation of fluid in the body, but with black salt’s lower sodium levels, this is minimized.
  • Muscle cramps and spasms - when the body becomes dehydrated either naturally or because of exercise, muscles can begin to cramp, causing pain and discomfort. Black salt and the potassium that it contains can be very effective at keeping this under control.
  • Heartburn - typically caused by an excess of stomach acid, heartburn can be particularly unpleasant. However, black salt’s high-alkaline nature helps to rebalance pH levels in the stomach and greatly reduce the discomfort associated with the problem.

It’s important to reiterate that none of these benefits have been proven by scientific research, but that in no way negates the many Hawaiian black salt benefits provided, as people are enjoying them nonetheless.

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Thanks for reading. We’ll be back again soon. Be sure to check back in with us to avoid missing out.

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