Tree of Life Tote
Tree of Life Tote
Tree of Life Tote
Tree of Life Tote
Tree of Life Tote
Tree of Life Tote

Tree of Life Tote



is a gift for my 19 yr old grand daughter who returns to school in september. She loves it, can hold her laptop which was her main priority. Thank you very much. Veronica


The bag is well made and put together. Good size and am pleased with the quality, looking afford to when i use it. Bethany

Very nice

My nana is obsessed with the tree of life, so thought i would treather to something special.Great quality Billy

Mother bag

Everything a single mom needs like myself, always come prepared for your children and this bag does the trick while looking stunning. Hannah

Over the moon

Cant wait to go back to festivals with this, always tote it when festivals are around. So convienient and comfy to carry around all day long. Phoebe

Exactly what i needed

Always saw my sister with these so i gave it a shot... i see why she always has one. THEY ARE AMAZING! Can store so much and the bag holds together really well too. Kate


The strap is just the right length, and the metal feet are so handy in many situations. The hand made tree of life is so satisfying to fiddle with, looks absolutely fantastic am so thrilled with my cute tote! Jane

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