Shish Tavuk
Shish Tavuk
Shish Tavuk
Shish Tavuk

Shish Tavuk

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Yummy! My favorite seasoning.

I love this spice blend; this is my second jar. I like to cook with this seasoning. Juicy and healthy! It tastes exactly as it should tastes. My husband loves it too. Marisa

The best spice blend I tasted!

Wonderful! A wonderful universal spice, useful in any kitchen. I used it right away. I finished my jar in a week. Great for fish, eggs, sauces. I like the packaging. This seasoning has ingredients that complete all the dishes. Paul

unique seasoning

This is a versatile spice blend for many dishes. I like this seasoning blend almost with everything. The jar keeps the freshness. Five stars! Janet

I love Shish Tavuk!

I love this combination of spices! Very nice flavor addition to your recipes. It's one of my favorite seasonings. Tasty on vegetables and pasta. Emir

I have been using this blend for several years

I have been using this product for several years, and the quality is always excellent. Also, the spice smelled terrific. I received it in a convenient jar. I love this stuff and happy I can find it here! Emma

Wonderful Seasoning!

I used this spice mix instead of adding each ingredient separately. It was the first time I cooked with Shish Tavuk, and it was wonderful! Joyce

The perfect spice mix for authentic Turkish recipes!

The perfect spice mixture for authentic Turkish recipes and your everyday recipes! The nutmeg makes it an extraordinary, subtle flavor that adds a beautiful dimension to fish, chicken, and egg dishes. Rose

Rather expensive but nice smelling spices

It's too expensive, but it's such an excellent smelling spice blend. I use it to season some dishes, such as chicken, fish, and baked potatoes. Dirk

Turkish Cuisine at your home!

If you want some part of Turkey at your home, then you definitely have to purchase this spice blend. This is the most savory spice that goes well with anything from chicken and pasta to hash browns. I can highly recommend it. Sean

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