What Makes Kilim Bags Different From Other Handmade Bags?

What Makes Kilim Bags Different From Other Handmade Bags?

When you’re shopping online for a bag, you’re not just looking for a storage solution, as there are many other factors to consider. There’s aesthetic appeal, durability and style to think about too, which are all features offered by kilim bags.

In this article, we look at what it is about these delightful items that sets them apart from other handmade bags. By the end, you’ll be able to see what makes them so popular with our customers.

Steeped in History & Culture

To begin with, bags made from leather and kilim are unlike most other bags in that they represent a window into the rich and colorful history of Turkey and the surrounding regions.

Still manufactured in the same time-honored way they have been for centuries, kilim textiles are simply dripping in history and culture. Every thread and stitch you see has been expertly created by artisans with unsurpassed skill and attention to detail.

Originating in Turkey’s Anatolia region - located between the Mediterranean and Black seas - kilim is a textile whose symbols and shapes can be traced right the way back to ancient times. Around the 7th and 8th centuries, this flat-weaved product was used in rugs and even in housing.

Able to Stand Up to Wear & Tear

One of the main reasons why kilim has been used so widely throughout history is its durability. This means that the kilim bags you buy are about as hard-wearing as can be. How many other types of bags can you say that about? Not many, that’s for sure.

What does that mean to an owner of this type of bag? Well, it means that it’s a bag that will last, no matter what you put it through. What’s more, it will retain its inimitable style and luster for long after others have faded and frayed.

Able to Stand Up to Wear & Tear

From a fashion perspective, there are not many hand-made alternatives that come close to what kilim bags offer. That’s because what we’re talking about here are unique creations, with each one having its own arrangement of geometric shapes, patterns and colors.

The one you buy is unique to you, as there’s not another like it in existence. These are not mass-produced copies of an original design. These are hand-crafted items that have history and culture woven into every fiber, so you’re getting much more than a mere bag.

Own a Piece of Beauty, Culture and Style Today!

As we can see, kilim bags are not run-of-the-mill products, rather they are unique masterpieces that each tell their own story. The person that spends hours weaving the textile will have created a pattern and style that reflects their own family and local history - just for you.

So, if you see one you like when browsing through the Little Istanbul Gifts shop, be sure to place your order quickly. Because once it’s gone, there will never be another like it ever again!

That’s it again from us for this time. Remember to join us again soon for more interesting insights into the wonderful world of handmade Turkish products.

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