The Meaning Behind Clear Moonstone

The Meaning Behind Clear Moonstone

Look into a clear moonstone and you’ll see a deeply alluring, ethereal gemstone that makes you feel as if you’re gazing into infinity itself. As one type of the many feldspar minerals that make up six-tenths of the earth’s crust, to call it rare would be inaccurate, but beautiful? Now that’s a different story.

When set into jewelry, its aesthetic quality is without compare, which leads many people to ask whether there is a more profound meaning behind their existence. Well, that’s what we look at here and while what we cover is not backed by science or any kind of empirical evidence, there’s no mistaking that moonstone offers much to those of spiritual persuasion.

A Stone Revered Through the Ages

The mystique surrounding clear moonstone is something that human civilizations have been aware of since the dawn of recorded history. The Romans believed it to represent moonbeams made solid, whereas Hindu legend also claims it to be made from nothing more than moonlight and magic.

The Greeks also revered the gemstone, with it featuring heavily in its culture, religion, and jewelry of the time. Fast forward to the late 19th century and it played a central part in the Art Nouveau movement, with new age flower children of the 1960s using it to meditate and provide spiritual healing.

In the modern day, many of the stone’s spiritual metaphysical properties have been forgotten and now people mostly focus on aesthetic applications of moonstones. That’s what we seek to address in this article, as we now look more closely at the deeper meaning behind moonstone.

Abundance, Love & Fertility

For anyone possessing or indeed wearing clear moonstone, it is said to foster love, fertility, and abundance with its other-wordly sheen provided by something called adularescence. The stone’s very name is derived from this aesthetic quality that looks very much like the moon glimmering over a pond at midnight, providing an almost hypnotic effect.

Those using moonstone for spiritual reasons do so for its energizing and purifying qualities, with self-development also said to be enhanced. Able to restore emotional balance, it’s known to promote fertility, eliminate stress and heal the soul. So, when people are looking for a new beginning or to rediscover themselves, moonstone is what they turn to.

Support For the Mind

When talking about the mind, clear moonstone is believed to offer to heal, particularly when talking about negative emotions a person might be experiencing. We’re talking about emotions like anger, envy, and other polarized feelings, replacing them with positive ones like kindness, compassion, and sympathy for others.

Wearing moonstone in jewelry is said to make you more warm-hearted, people-centered, loving, and tranquil - all helping to make the mind a much more peaceful place. While these qualities are hard to quantify, it’s a belief that has endured through the ages, so there has to be something in it, right?

Support For the Body

Clear moonstone benefits also extend to the body, as it’s said to provide renewed energy - the kind that’s able to help overcome disease and restore balance. It’s for this reason that many ladies having hormonal issues turn to the stone, as do people who need to be grounded after some kind of a shock to the system or traumatic event.

There are also those who claim that the stone can help with restoring the body’s biorhythm clock, providing relief for conditions like insomnia and somnambulism (sleeping walking). It has even been used by parents of hyperactive children due to its calming effect.

Support For Relationships

Moonstone is most closely associated with romance and love, with it having a profound effect on those in relationships. Whether talking about having general problems or instances where one or both partners are struggling with feelings of intimacy, clear moonstone is said to rebalance the energies of both for a rekindling of love.

Moonstone is also said to harmonize the body to the lunar cycle, which is why fertility is believed to be boosted by wearing it. When combined with increased intimacy and love, it would seem to be the ideal gemstone for any couple wanting to re-energize their union.

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Clear moonstone has much in the way of spiritual meaning to many people around the world and it’s also to be found in some of the most amazing, timeless jewelry around - something that you can see by visiting Little Istanbul today. Whether you are someone who holds stock in the many emotional and physical benefits we’ve described here or not, the beauty of the stone is undeniable.

We truly hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and that it has provided you with a newfound appreciation for moonstone and what it offers. That’s it from us for now and we’ll see you again next time.

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