The True Meaning Behind Ancient Coin Earrings

The True Meaning Behind Ancient Coin Earrings

What can’t be mistaken is the fact that Little Istanbul Ancient Coin Earrings are enigmatic, mysterious and more than a little easy on the eye. Anyone would be delighted to own a pair or receive one as a gift. However, did you know that they have a hidden meaning behind them?

Looking back into history, you’ll see that the first coins ever to be produced came from the Roman and Greece empires around 2,000 years ago. While coins served as currency during these times, they also represented a unique blend of symbolism, history and culture.

Whether looking at coins made either during the great Greek or Roman eras, you’ll see depictions of great people, events and monuments from the time.

Alexander the Great

One image you’ll find on many ancient coin earrings from this time is that of the profile of the famous leader that was Alexander the Great. Not only was he a ruler born in Pella, Macedonia, but also someone who spent the majority of his reign waging war across Asia and Northern Africa in the name of Greek Imperialism.

He was also the first to introduce a uniform coin design - something that came to be known as ‘Alexander’s coinage’. These coins can be found in museums around the world, as well as in high-quality jewelry pieces that offer authenticity and mysticism in equal measure.

Coin Jewelry Is Not Just a Modern Phenomenon

While ancient coin earrings are around for people to enjoy today, the practice of setting and displaying coins in this way is far from being just a modern phenomenon. In fact, it’s a type of jewelry that’s been around since coins of this type started being manufactured.

It stands to reason that this was the case, as each coin’s value came from the fact they were fashioned from expensive metals that were worth the amount displayed. Silver and gold worn in this way was a sign of wealth, with Kings, Queens and Princes often adorned by jewelry with in-laid coins.

Regular Greek citizens would have to spend all the money they earned just to live, so wearing in-set coins like this was a real statement of privilege and power.

Hand-made Craftsmanship

Another dimension to ancient coins is the craftsmanship that was required to make them. Two millennia ago, there were no mint machines, so every single coin was created by hand - one of the reasons why they were (and still are) held in such high regard.

If you were to lay two of these coins side by side, you’d see that no two are quite alike, so each one is a collector's piece in its own right.

A Popular Fashion Item With Historical Significance

So, what you get when you buy a pair of ancient coin earrings is beautiful jewelry with a soul. You get a highly crafted keepsake with huge historical significance. The true meaning of these sought-after coin earrings can only be measured by looking back in time.

Today, ancient coin jewelry is more popular than ever, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is the history and culture that sits behind each and every example.

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That’s it from us this time. We’ll see you again soon.

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