How a Raw Crystal Ring Differs From the Polished Kind

How a Raw Crystal Ring Differs From the Polished Kind

When shopping for a crystal ring, there are a couple of main factors that need to be considered. You’ve got the cut (a.k.a. the shape of the stone) and the finish, which in this case means being either a polished or raw crystal ring, each having its own distinct properties. So, which is best?

That depends very much on the buyer, as you’ll find out by reading on. We’ll start by taking a look at the two types of stone in isolation to give you a better idea of what we’re dealing with.

So, What Are Rough Crystals?

As is clear in this stunning example, a raw crystal ring draws its beauty from nature. You see, the stones that are set into pieces like this are raw - hence the reason why they’re also referred to as rough crystals. This essentially means that the stone in question hasn’t been put through the smoothing process.

A great selling point for a jewelry item that features a raw stone is that you’re getting a true one-of-a-kind piece. They’re irregular and sometimes a little lackluster in terms of sparkle, but that does nothing to detract from their unmistakable mystique.

No Less Beautiful Than Their Polished Cousins

These wondrous items reach the wearer very much as nature intended, with the crystals forming in clusters and often varying greatly in size. While at first glance, rough or raw stones might seem slightly less pleasing in terms of aesthetics, the fact they exist in the same state as they have for millions of years is worth something.

In fact, those who believe in the healing and energetic properties of crystals like these will tell you that this means they’re more potent and powerful. That said, to create a raw crystal ring, there is a cleansing process that needs to be carried out - but that’s all.

And What About Polished Crystals?

Now that we understand what raw crystals are, now we’ll take a look at their polished counterparts. Also known as ‘tumbled’ crystals, they go through an extensive smoothing process. Unlike a raw crystal ring that’s uneven and unrefined, tumbled stones are so shiny afterwards that you can almost see your reflection in them!

As it sounds, the tumbling process involves rolling the stones around in a barrel-like tumbler for days or even weeks at a time. Generally speaking, the process takes up to 28 days, as each crystal is given something of a makeover.

Smoothed Out Like Stones Are In the Ocean

Rolling around inside along with the crystals, you will usually find abrasive grit and water that slowly smooths out the crystal’s surface. Think of it being just like the smooth stones you might find on the beach that have had all their rough edges removed by the motion of the ocean over time.

So, when you find a jewelry piece that features a stone that’s been through this process, it will gleam and shine. Is a polished stone better than a raw crystal ring? That’s the burning question!

Choosing the Right Option For You

Of course, the decision that buyers have to make between the two choices can very much boil down to personal taste. It could be the case that the look of a raw crystal goes better with your wardrobe or you that you have one of each to match different outfits.

One thing is for sure - raw crystal jewelry grabs the attention. Pieces that feature untumbled crystals are greatly outnumbered by the polished variety, so in terms of uniqueness - we think that rough stones win hands down!

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