Handmade Table Lamps: An Integral Part of Any Bedroom

Handmade Table Lamps: An Integral Part of Any Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of the home, as it’s one that we spend much of our time in. Soft furnishings, curtains and carpets all combine to make the area welcoming and comfortable, but no bedroom is ever quite complete without handmade table lamps.

Aside from being stunningly beautiful, as you can see by seeing the many we have available in the Little Istanbul Gifts shop, they offer a number of benefits relating to design and function. Here we examine those benefits to show you why they are such a wise investment for the home.

Handmade Table Lamps Offer Soft Lighting

When you’re relaxing in the bedroom in the evening, you want the area to be softly lit so you can read a book or catch up on your emails. The problem is that the main ceiling light can be too harsh for this kind of purpose, but a table lamp offers a neat and convenient solution.

With a beautiful table lamp on the bedside, all it takes is to reach across and switch it on for lighting that’s easy on the eyes, creating the perfect atmosphere in which to unwind.

Table Lamps Change the Look of a Room

Another huge selling point for handmade table lamps is their ability to transform the look of any room they’re placed in. Situated anywhere in the bedroom, they can truly transform the overall character, giving it balance and providing the illusion of higher ceilings.

The illumination that emanates from a table lamp offers a peaceful ambience that lends a certain something to a room that welcomes you in. It’s why they’re so popular in homes across the world.

They Allow the Whole Room to Be Illuminated

While ceiling lights of any kind will provide the functional lighting that you need to walk around in your bedroom when it gets dark, they don’t tend to cover the entire room. This is particularly the case in larger rooms with multiple pieces of furniture that create the shade.

However, a table lamp can be used to provide light where it’s needed to offer a brighter and more highly illuminated effect. This naturally makes the room brighter and more appealing.

Specific Objects or Areas Can Be Lit

There’s yet another reason why people love handmade table lamps and that’s because they are ergonomically ideal for focusing on certain areas like a desk or dressing table. Standard lighting doesn’t bathe the area in intense light in the same way, so the addition of a table lamp is the perfect option.

This offers all the lighting you could possibly need for studying, writing letters or even putting your makeup on before a big night out.

They Provide a Unique Ambience

When you see the colorful glass that’s used in the unique table lamps we stock, you realize that the term ‘table lamp’ is a broad one that can be interpreted in many ways. The effects created depend on the hues and shades that are reflected by the light, but they’re invariably pretty.

A lighting option like this creates a unique ambiance to your bedroom, offering an extra design dimension that comes alive when the sun goes down.

Not Forgetting…The Nightlight Function

One thing that we couldn’t fail to mention is the functional benefit that comes from having a table lamp next to your bed. We’ve all gotten up in the middle of the night to visit the bathroom only to bump into things or stub our toes. It’s because we can’t see where we’re going!

You don’t want to turn the main light on in a situation like this, as you’ll wake your partner up. This is why table lamps are so handy, as they illuminate just your side of the bed to light your path.

Handmade Table Lamps: A Great Addition to Your Bedroom

So, while we might be talking about a functional piece of home furniture that won’t cost the earth, the benefits they offer are numerous. It might seem obvious what table lamps offer at the outset, but until you really think about it, you don’t realize how useful and great-looking they can be.

So, why not take a look around our selection of beautiful table lamps today? Our products offer a distinctly Turkish feel, with every example representing a true work of art. And with all the benefits mentioned above, it’s hard to argue against investing in one.

Thanks for joining us. Be sure to check in with us again soon for more about the wonderful world of handmade Turkish products.

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