Handmade Fashion Jewelery Is Worth It

Handmade Fashion Jewelery Is Worth It

Choose handmade fashion jewelry to enhance your wardrobe rather than mass-produced variety, and get far more than a mere accessory. Personality and uniqueness are two of the main characteristics of artisan products like these, not to mention the feel of the expert craftsmanship that exudes from every single piece.

“There’s a Character & Soul, Imbued Into Every Piece of Handmade Jewelry”

Despite the obvious selling points of these amazing items, not everyone is aware of the wisdom of paying out good money to own them. So, if you’re in any way unsure of why you should consider hand-crafted jewelry, then this is the blog for you. We will dive down into the many benefits it provides to the wearer.

You Can Feel the Culture of the Creator

Handmade fashion jewelry exudes something special that’s ultimately more meaningful compared to products created by a machine. The artisans who make jewelry like this typically spend many hours at the crafting table on each item, using a high degree of skill to imbue the soul and character that shine through in so many ways.

“The Manufacturing Process is so much kinder to the Environment”

The handmade jewelry world spans the globe, and the craftspeople came from many different countries and cultures. It’s these cultures that provide much of the inspiration behind the many wonderful designs and styles that you’ll find being sold - something you can see in every piece.

Much Kinder to the Environment

Another compelling reason why handmade fashion jewelry is a better choice than mass-market jewelry is its much-reduced ecological impact. It’s widely known that the manufacturing methods used to create mass-produced products of any kind can often be hugely damaging to the environment. However, hand-crafting methods are far ‘greener’.

“Utterly Unique Pieces that Offer a One-of-a-Kind Keepsake to the Owner”

The energy that’s required to run mass-production machinery alone is something that’s proven to contribute to climate change. Conversely, the hand-crafting process creates no greenhouse gases and is a much cleaner one that requires only the materials and the time of the skilled artisan to complete. Altogether more ecologically friendly process from start to finish.

The Jewelry You Buy Is Often Unique

While there are some beautiful examples of machine-manufactured jewelry on the market, the fact that we’re talking about mass-produced items means that many identical pieces exist. Unlike those who chose to buy handmade fashion jewelry, people who opt for mass-marketed items will often find others wearing exactly the same jewelry.

“You’ll Typically Get a Piece of Jewelry Made from Higher Quality Materials”

This fashion faux pas is not something you have to face when you switch to hand-crafted jewelry, as you’ll overwhelmingly find that every hand-made piece is unlike any other. In truth, there is perhaps nothing quite as magical as knowing that your favorite fashion jewelry is very much one of a kind and owned by no one else.

Higher Quality Materials Are Typically Used

When companies mass-manufacture fashion jewelry, it’s mostly to make the maximum amount of profit. As a result, lower quality metals and other materials result in a lower quality piece of jewelry. There is, of course, a commercial aspect to the creation of handmade fashion jewelry, but it's usually not the main consideration.

“Many Jewelry Innovations Come From the Artisan Jewelry-Making World”

Handmade jewelry artisans are artists in every sense. While their main aim is to make a living, what’s important is the finished product. Whether talking about handmade necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets, these highly skilled people are passionate about creating the finest jewelry, using much higher quality metals and gems to do so.

Innovations Commonly Come From the Artisan World

The most influential factor in the artisan world is that there are no rules to be followed. This means that artistic skill is not limited or restricted, and their imagination is allowed to run free. Naturally, this leads to handmade fashion jewelry creators pushing the envelope of design to create truly memorable items.

“Supporting the Livelihoods of Artisans Around the World”

That’s why when browsing through many types of hand-crafted products on the market, you’ll often find some beautiful pieces that redefine what’s possible with fashion jewelry. Spot someone out on the town with a thought-provoking or uniquely striking jewelry design, and the chances are, it's handmade by a gifted artisan.

Supporting the Livelihood of Artisans

Another wonderful knock-on effect of buying handmade fashion jewelry is that you get to support the livelihoods of artisans around the world at the same time. At Little Istanbul, we source our handmade jewelry products from the finest artisans across Turkey, so we see first hand the way this trade positively impacts people’s lives.

“Getting Unique Hand-made Jewelry is as Easy as Visiting the Little Istanbul Shop”

When artisans can support themselves and their families, they are empowered to create more beautiful, innovative designs for their customers to enjoy. This is a heart-warming side to the jewelry-making process that’s reason enough on its own to consider products made in this way.

A Wonderful Range of Handmade Jewelry

Choosing handmade fashion jewelry represents a wise decision not just because of the many one-of-a-kind products on offer, but also because of the positive influence it has on people’s lives. You get to own some of the most vibrant and unforgettable jewelry on the market created from the finest materials, but that’s far from all.

You also get the knowledge that you’re helping to sustain small businesses around the world. Want to see some examples of what we’ve been talking about? Visit the Little Istanbul shop today to see some of the most imaginative and innovative jewelry designs around.

When you see them, we know you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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