Ground Marjoram
Ground Marjoram
Ground Marjoram
Ground Marjoram

Ground Marjoram

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Perfect with pork

Amazing with roasted port and in sausages! Fresh and has a very distinct taste, very unique and delicious. Esin

Lovely flavor!

Perfect flavor, nice smell, very aromatic. The dishes taste unique, but I'd recommend to try and purchase a smaller jar because you might not like it Atan


Love this! Very qualitative, has awesome smell Luke

The desirable flavor

It's of a herbal origin. Natural and healthy. It just gives an interesting taste to any kind of meat dish. A great alternative to sage. Patty


It's hard to find this in the stores. Your site has excellent prices, very affordable, and easy to order. You're bringing the flavors from around the world to my door. Thank you for this! Rebecca

This herb is an amazing find!

It was a pleasure to find it on this site since I can't find it in the local grocery. I make a lot of soups and add this herb to almost all of them. Excellent on grilled meat and scrambled eggs too. Jade

One of my fav spices.

Marjoram has a VERY unique flavor, and I've been using it most of the time recently. It does smell and taste slightly like oregano, could be used interchangeably. Wendy

Very good and handy.

Very handy grounded spice. I prefer ground consistency than dried leaves. It's much more convenient. Your packaging is also great. Jimmy

Excellent herbs

It's hard to find this in our area. When I tried it, I was very glad. It was just what I was looking for. I started making my own sausages with this spice. Love the taste! Dirk

Nice smell

It's not bad, has a nice smell and taste. I'm satisfied. Laurie

wonderful aroma

A great spice that is difficult to find. I don't understand why people still don't know about it! I bought ground instead of flakes, but that was my fault. Angela

Gorgeous seasoning!

A great addition to any meals but especially love it in meat dishes. I was happy to find it here. That's what I needed. Thanks! Mary

Love this stuff!

Flavorful, fresh and great ground Marjoram, great value. Fast shipping. Peter

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